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Soft Play Hire Southminster

Soft Play Hire in Southminster is constructed from superior quality materials that have been designed to meet the strict play safety regulations. Children will be excited when they see the wonderful bright colours and the activities they can carry out.

Children have a thirst for adventure and play and we can offer a wide range of soft play equipment in Southminster whether for business or private hire. All our kits are made from strong durable materials that come in wonderful bright colours, are easy to clean and meet play safety regulations. Our different packages will ensure that whatever the age range and ability of child and the space available we will have a superb offer. Adventure play systems, bouncy castles and ball pods are among the fantastic kits we supply. Our staff are happy to happy to put together a bespoke package that will delight and excite.

Indoor play centres are popular for birthday parties and our soft play equipment Southminster can offer an excellent package to suit your business needs. Children of all ages enjoy climbing and running around and with an adventure play system they will be able to make up their own games using their imagination. The bright colours and different activities will bring excitement as soon as they enter and for parents it will be a time to relax. The children can play happily on a variety of items so they will never become bored. With safety regulations being assured and maintenance taken care of it will be in continuous use and not let the children down.

Soft Play Equipment Hire Southminster

Nurseries and play groups are a great place for pre-school children to learn whilst playing. Southminster soft play have a great range of equipment for this age group that will help them develop through play. Shaped blocks and play mats are excellent for helping with movement and balance and using their imagination children can make all sorts of shapes. The brilliant colours are a delight which will immediately catch a child’s eye and bring excitement. Playing with others develops their social skills ready for when they start school.

Southminster soft play equipment is superb for school fetes which help to increase school funds. With a wide age group we can supply a package that will take care of entertaining all the children for that special fun day out. Our staff will be happy to discuss and prepare a package to suit the day with a variety of activities. Indoor and outdoor play can be supplied so that all weather conditions can be catered for.

Family occasions are a fantastic way for families to get together and spend time with each other. Children of different ages will need to be entertained and here at soft play Southminster we can offer a range of activities that children of all ages will enjoy. Keeping the children happy will allow adults to ‘catch up’ and enable them to relax whilst their child is playing with other family members. With plenty to play with children will remain contented for hours, they can enjoy using their imaginations to make up different games. A happy child means a happy parent who can also enjoy the day.