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Soft Play Hire Romford

Soft Play Hire in Romford offers a quality service that will provide business and private hire with the equipment to ensure children have a fabulous time. With bright colours and robust material you can be sure that each piece is made to strict play safety regulations.

Romford soft play offers a wide range of equipment to entertain children of all age groups and abilities. We cater for indoor and outdoor activities and no matter what space is available there will be a package to suit. All equipment is made from a strong sturdy material that is easy to wipe clean and meets the play safety regulations. With wonderful bright colours children’s eyes will light up immediately and they will be eager to start jumping and bouncing. The government has been concerned about the lack of exercise many children have with computer games and television being their main activity. Soft play equipment in Romford is a great way for them to exercise whilst keeping them entertained.

Wedding receptions and family celebrations are wonderful occasions but can also be times when children can become bored very easily. Romford soft play hire is the answer, we can provide a package to suit the venue and the age group of children. Bouncy castles are always very popular, children can bounce and tumble and keep themselves entertained for hours. Ball pods are another popular idea as the light balls are easy to throw and hide in and the balls stay in one contained area. Our staff are available to discuss your needs and ensure the perfect package is ready for the day.

Soft Play Equipment Hire Romford

During school holiday’s children can become bored so easily but with our soft play equipment Romford they can be entertained for hours whilst ensuring they get plenty of exercise. No matter what space is available we can provide suitable equipment. For indoor play shaped blocks, ball pods and play mats are amongst the favourites and have been designed to fit through most front doors. Using their imagination they can make up their own adventures and enjoy jumping around in safety. Outdoor play allows for more activity and keeps them out in the fresh air.

Play is an excellent way for pre-school children to learn. The variety of soft play equipment hire in Romford that we have to offer playgroups and nurseries will help children learn and play. With different shaped blocks in brilliant colours children can use their imaginations to make up their own designs and stories. Tumbling and jumping around on mats will help them to develop their balance whilst enjoying themselves. Social skills can be developed when interacting with others giving them important skills from an early age. Our staff can discuss the type of equipment suitable for the number of children and space available to produce a specific package.

Using Romford soft play hire gives flexibility. Equipment can be changed or added to, keeping your business up to date with latest designs and changes in clients. Our equipment is well maintained and will always meet the safety regulations that will be required for you to run your business. We are happy to answer any questions and guide you through the options available to you.