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Soft Play Hire Dagenham

Soft Play Dagenham is a progressive business that delights in offering the latest play equipment for children of all ages and abilities. Our experienced staff are here to provide a quality service to ensure a bespoke package will meet your needs.

Learning through play is fun and one that benefits younger children before they start school. We can supply playgroups and nurseries with an excellent range and quality soft play that will keep the children entertained for hours. Young children learn best through play, they learn balance, jumping and tumbling and, with the right equipment, in total safety. They learn social skills, how to interact with their peers, how to play and share and most importantly how to play. A big concern with the government is the fact that children do not exercise and play enough with computers games being so popular. Soft play equipment hire in Dagenham will help them to exercise whilst having fun and with Dagenham soft play this can be done both indoors and outdoors, whichever is personal preference.

Soft Play Hire in Dagenham

We can supply play centres with a wide variety of soft play equipment in Dagenham. Our experienced staff can discuss a package to suit your needs to ensure there are activities to suit a range of age groups and capabilities in the space available. All soft play in Dagenham is extremely robust to withstand the constant jumping and tumbling of children whilst being made from an easy to wipe clean material. Adventure sets are great for imagination as children climb and slide, chase and hide. The bright colours are a delight and starts the excitement.

For an exceptional birthday party we provide daily Dagenham soft play hire. Children like to be adventurous when given the opportunity and this will be an exciting feature to your child’s party. Bouncy castles and ball pods are among the favourites. The bouncy castles allows them to jump and somersault in safety, chase each other whilst jumping and will bring lots of laughter to the party. Ball pods consist of light colourful balls that can be jumped in, thrown around and hidden in. a fantastic and easy way for success and our staff are happy to choose the right package to suit.

Children become bored very easily especially when accompanying their parents to showrooms where they can spend time whilst looking around what is on offer. We can provide activities to suit the area available and your potential clients. Whilst the children are happy and occupied it will leave parents free to look around and talk. Not only is it good for your customer it is good for business.

School holidays seem like a long time when children become restless and bored. Sitting in front of a television or computer all day is not good for them but we have the answer in the form of our soft play equipment hire in Dagenham. We can cater for indoors and outdoors, from bouncy castles to shaped blocks, play mats to ball pods. Our staff are happy to show you our full selection and choose a package to suit you and your children, whether for one day or weeks, with full details on all safety features.