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Soft Play Hire Brentwood

Soft Play Brentwood offers a wide range of activities for children of all ages. They will be delighted with the wonderful bright colours and shapes and be eager to set off on a journey of play and imagination.

Here at soft play equipment hire in Brentwood we have a wide range of soft play for businesses and home that will delight children of all age groups and abilities. Soft play Brentwood is constructed from superior quality material that meets strict play safety regulations. From bouncy castles to ball pods, play mats to block shapes we are sure there will be enough variety for those who are looking for many activities to take place within a wide age range. Adventure play systems bring such delight to children and offers the parents time to relax their children are playing with their friends and meeting new friends. Their imagination can come alive as they find new games to play whilst climbing, jumping and generally using up their energy.

Playgroups and nurseries are brilliant learning centres for pre-school children who learn from play. Our Brentwood soft play hire offers a great variety of equipment that will allow them to play in safety. Shaped blocks and mats are easy to move and they can be used to build different shapes as well as climbing and jumping which will help them with their balance. Social skills will develop as the child learns to play and interact with their peers. Our staff are available to assist with deciding on the best options for age group and space. Soft play Brentwood allows flexibility to change or add equipment all of which are maintained to a high standard.

Soft Play Equipment Hire in Brentwood

Children’s birthday parties are a great success with Brentwood soft play hire. We can arrange for indoor or outdoor play with a range of suitable equipment for your child’s age group. If using indoors equipment is designed to fit through most front doors and the suitability can be discussed with a member of our staff before making a purchase. Bouncy castles are very popular and are great for outdoors, they are available in different sizes to accommodate the number of guests, are easy to assemble and take down when finished.

Keeping children entertained whilst parents attend to business will help to improve customer relations. Our soft play equipment hire Brentwood is an excellent way to keep children happy and enables adults to look around a showroom and discuss business. The bright colours will attract and delight as they can see what they can play with and not have to endure sitting quietly for what will seem like hours for them. Our packages will ensure a quality service that will provide a safe environment for the children of your customers.

With a variety of versatile kits there is plenty to choose from whether it is one piece or several, for one day or long term. Brentwood soft play ensures all kits are well maintained and have an excellent after sales service. Our staff are here to help make important decisions and offer a package suitable in size and affordability.