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Soft Play Hire Braintree

Braintree Soft Play Hire has an excellent range of equipment that can be hired for long or short term use, business or private. We are sure you will be delighted with the bespoke packages we can offer.

Playing is what children enjoy and soft play in Braintree can offer a wide range of equipment for private use and business that will keep them happy for hours. We use bright vibrant materials that attracts children, it is sturdy and robust made to meet the highest play safety regulations. Our selection includes activities from bouncy castles to play mats and our staff will be happy to discuss your requirements. Whether it is for a one off special occasion or several days or long term we can prepare a package to suit. All our equipment is well maintained and easy to set up and we are always on hand to help and advice.

Pre-school children enjoy their time at nursery and play school. Our soft play equipment hire in Braintree can provide a range of educational and sensory activities that will aid their development. Children learn through play, shaped blocks in bright colours help them to build and recognise shapes and colours. They learn social skills by interacting with others and whilst playing they will be preparing for their next step at school.

Soft Play Hire in Braintree

Braintree soft play equipment provide indoor play centres with a spectacular range of activities that will entertain children of different age groups. Adventure play systems are fantastic and allows children to really use their imagination, climbing and swinging, jumping and bouncing around. They will interact with other children and make up their own games with their imaginations. With all equipment supplied to a high standard parents will be happy to sit and relax whilst their child enjoys hours of fun and games.

Fetes can benefit from our soft play hire Braintree as we can provide activities to keep the children entertained in Southend-on-Sea, Chelmsford or Manningtree. Bouncy castles, for instance, are always a popular attraction that will have children lining up to have their turn. Parents will see their children enjoying themselves and well cared for making it a pleasure to spend time looking around. Ball pods are another attraction especially for the younger child. Our staff will be happy to discuss requirements and prepare a package that will help to make your day a success.

During long school holidays finding activities to keep children content and happy is not always easy. Sitting in front of a television or playing computer games does not give them the exercise they need. Soft play equipment hire in Braintree can provide just the answer. Our selection of kits will provide for indoors and outdoors and available in sizes to suit the space available. Indoors kits will fit through most front doors and are easy to set up. Hours of play will prevent boredom setting in and enable children to burn off their excess energy. Children have a great imagination and playing can bring out the best. Contact our staff who will be able to discuss the range we have to offer and how it can help not only entertain your child but develop as well.